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So, how do you do it?

You're most likely wondering how we manage to provide a managed service for such a low price. Simply put, we have all agreed that there is a lack of decent, solid VPS providers in the UK.

Many UK providers offer their services outside of the UK, meaning they have no physical access to their hardware and rely on third party support staff to resolve their issues. Here at VirtUK, we co-locate the majority of our hardware, enabling us to access our machines around the clock. The knowledge of our support staff and their willingness to provide a quality service enables us to provide a basic managed package included with EVERY virtual server.

We also give the client the optional benefit of purchasing our 'fully managed' package upon signup. This is billed on a monthly basis and is currently priced at £10.00.

See below just to see what benefits you with our basic managed package:

Basic Managed
Fully Managed
Network Connectivity
Initial Security Hardening
Operating System Updates*/**
Control Panel Installation/Updates*/**
Service Management
Service Monitoring
20GB Remote Backup Space

* Basic managed system updates and control panel updates are run on a monthly basis.
** Fully managed system updates and control panel updates are run on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions with regards to any of the features listed in the above table, please contact us.