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So, what's different?

VirtUK have now spent a substantial amount of time ensuring that it's customers get the best hosting experience possible, at a minimal cost. Our choice of virtualization is the XEN and the advantages of using this over OpenVZ, can be seen by clicking here.

We have also implemented a number of useful features (aswell as several unique ones) to ensure we stay at the forefront of the VPS hosting industry.

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Cheap prices w/ basic managment included!

You're most likely wondering how we manage to provide a managed service for such a low price. Simply put, we have all agreed that there is a lack of decent, solid VPS providers in the UK.

Many UK providers offer their services outside of the UK, meaning they have no physical access to their hardware and rely on third party support staff to resolve their issues. Here at VirtUK, we co-locate the majority of our hardware, enabling us to access our machines around the clock. The knowledge of our support staff and their willingness to provide a quality service, enables us to provide a basic managed package included with EVERY virtual server.

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